Marketing Chair


Lynn Huber


Lynn came from a Marketing background in the corporate world.

When she and her husband, Richard, "accidentally fell into Avon" in 2001, everything changed for her.

Lynn & Richard now manage an award winning Avon team.

Lynn & Richard were able to quit their jobs and become their own boss, allowing them the financial and time freedom to live their lives the way they choose.

As a Professional Networker, Lynn serves as a mentor; teaching people how to increase their net worth by growing, cultivating and nurturing their network; which empowers them to fulfill their biggest and most incredible dreams…whatever they choose those terms to be!

Passionate about empowering people to build a business to create a lifestyle of freedom and flexibility. Partners with highly motivated people around the world to show them how to magnetically attract prospects to build a rock-solid team, using proven online and offline marketing strategies for the fastest results.

The best (and most unexpected) part about their business is how many lives they have been able to help change through their business - and how many wonderful people they have met along the way. After you're making enough to live on, it becomes about so much more than the money - and that's where they are really blessed. As they continue on their journey, they never know who they are going to meet and who they can help in some small way.


Lynn joined the Utah Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce because the members feel like family.  Even though she is straight, she is an ally, and feels this is where she belongs.  In the past couple of years, she has been blessed to meet and build relationships with many Chamber members.